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Spirulina – næringsrik alge


Spirulina defineres som en av verdens mest naturlige næringsrike alge og inneholder antioksidanter, klorofyll og over 60 viktige næringsstoffer. På grunn av det høye næringsinnholdet som er lett opptaklig i kroppen, omtales spirulina ofte som supermat. Spirulina kommer i pulver og tablettform.

Spirulina ble i 1974 kåret av FN/WHO til den beste alternative næringskilden for fremtiden

Økt energi og bedre immunforsvar
• Spirulina gir økt energi og mange merker forbedring på både energinivå, immunforsvar og fordøyelsen
• Spirulina er basedannende og bidrar til å regulerer blodsukkeret
• Spirulina inneholder alle B-vitaminene (også B-12) som er viktig for nervesystemet
• Spirulina inneholder 100 ganger mer BETAKAROTEN enn i Gulrøtter. 1,2 gram (4 tab) Spirulina tilsvarer nesten 3 mg naturlig betakaroten. Det er maks inntak i en kapsel i Norge!
• Spirulina inneholder 10 ganger mer KALSIUM enn melk
•Spirulina inneholder 5 ganger mer KLOROFYLL enn i grønne blader
• Spirulina inneholder alle de essensielle aminosyrene og 3 ganger mer PROTEIN enn i Fisk
• Spirulina inneholder fykocyanin- blått fargepigment som styrker immunforsvaret
• Spirulina inneholder Gamma linolensyre GLA som ellers kun finnes i morsmelk og olje fra nattlysplanten
• Synergien mellom alle næringsstoffene i en naturlig alge er sterkere kraft enn næringsstoffene hver for seg
•Spirulina er blodrensende og kan hjelpe på uren hud


Marcus Rohrer Spirulina fra Hawai er et kvalitetsprodukt som kommer i både pulver og tablettform. Den er dyrket på Hawai nær ekvator med riktig sollys og inneholder kun kaldpresset spirulina alge.

  • Anbefalt dagsdose er 6-8 tabl
  • Som rense kur eller ved infeksjon/betennelse kan man øke dosen til 10-15 i en periode.

Unngå å drikke kaffe, sort te og sitrusfrukter (grapefrukt, appelsin, sitron etc) sammen med inntak av Spirulina. Det kan svekke opptaket av næringen. Vent minst 30 min, helst 60 min

Marcus Rohrer Spirulina fra Hawai inneholder:
(hentet fra hjemmesiden til Marcus Rohrer og er derfor beskrevet på engelsk)

Fytokjemikaler- Karotenoider

The carotenoids are yellow, orange and red coloured pigments that are found in carrots, oranges and other orange-coloured vegetables and fruits. Due to the very sunny climate in Hawaii where Marcus Rohrer Spirulina is produced, it contains high concentrations of natural carotenoids. The most important substance is beta-carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A. The carotenoids are powerful antioxidants; they protect the nervous system and increase resistance. They keep the skin elastic and ensure that the hair, nails and eyes are in optimal condition. Beta-carotene also protects the skin against UV radiation. Numerous studies have indicated that people whose diets contain a lot of foods rich in carotenoids have a lower risk of developing various types of cancer.

1,2 gram Spirulina (4 tab) tilsvarer 3 mg naturlig betakaroten!


Proteiner- Alle essensielle aminosyrene

More than 60% of Spirulina is made up of high-quality protein, making it one of the richest sources of vegetable protein known to man. The quality of protein depends on the composition of the amino acids of which it is made. The protein in Spirulina contains all eight essential amino acids, plus nine non-essential amino acids, in exactly the right natural balance. (The human body cannot produce these essential amino acids itself; so they have to be ingested as part of your diet.)


Spirulina contains all the vitamins within the recommended daily allowance, especially the all-important vitamin B complex. Because of their positive effect on the nervous system, all the B vitamins are important for people with busy and hectic lifestyles. For vegetarians, the vitamin B12 in Spirulina is especially important because it is extremely rare in most plant-based foods. In addition, Spirulina contains a large amount of beta-carotene, which is converted in the body into vitamin A. This increases your resistance to illness, is a powerful antioxidant, and is good for your skin, hair and nails. Lastly, Spirulina also contains vitamin E, which improves your mental and physical capacity and increases your vitality.


No matter how important vitamins are, they cannot do anything for us without minerals. Although our bodies are able to produce a number of vitamins, it is impossible for us to produce minerals. Spirulina contains all the minerals that are essential for the human body – iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and the rare selenium. A food supplement will only work optimally if vitamins and minerals are naturally balanced and taken together. This is the great strength and synergy of Spirulina.

Blå pigment- Phycocyanin 

One of the most important substances in Spirulina is phycocyanin, a blue colour pigment that is not found in any other plant. Just like chlorophyll, phycocyanin can absorb a lot of sunlight. Together they give Spirulina its blue-green colour. Phycocyanin is a strong antioxidant. It supports the detoxifying action of the liver and kidneys. Because the liver is responsible for detoxifying poisons from the blood, liver cells are subject to high concentrations of toxic chemicals, which can cause free radical damage. Phycocyanin helps protect liver cells and aids the detoxification process. It also protects the cells against free radicals, stimulates red blood cell production and strengthens the immune system.

Enzymer som støtter SOD

Super Oxide Dismutase is both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory, it neutralises free radicals and helps repair age related cell degeneration. Spirulina contains a number of important enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD). An iron-containing enzyme, SOD supports important body-cell processes and also protects the cells from free radicals. Enzymes are essential for the construction of your cells. You could not live without enzymes. Enzymes are very vulnerable and are easily destroyed by heat or oxidation. Fortunately, Marcus Rohrer Spirulina exhibits an extremely high enzyme activity owing to its processing.


Spirulina is also one of the best natural sources of organically-bound iron. Unlike sea algae, Spirulina only contains traces of iodine. Spirulina is rich in iron, which, together with vitamins from the B complex, is required for the formation of red blood cells and for the transportation of oxygen in the blood. A high percentage of anaemia is caused by a shortage of iron in the diet. Women have a greater need for iron than men due to menstruation and pregnancy.

Tip: Try not to take Spirulina at the same time as you drink your coffee or tea. These drinks contain substances that slow down the complete absorption of iron. At least a half-hour gap would be sufficient.

Omega 6 fettsyre- GLA
Spirulina contains food form gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Mother’s milk and oil of the evening primrose are two other sources of this rare fatty acid. Your body converts GLA into DGLA and from there into good prostaglandins which are gentle active hormone-like substances and necessary in a vast array of bodily functions. Gamma linolenic acid is also good for normal and regular menstrual periods. In addition, it helps to keep your cholesterol level down. Evidence is mounting that factors such as stress, ageing, alcohol consumption, and poor diet make it difficult for our bodies to convert linolenic acid to GLA. And some people simply have insufficient linolenic acid in their diets. This makes finding a dietary source of GLA very important. Fortunately, the plant world has a few good sources: Spirulina, black currant seed oil, oil of evening primrose, and borage seed oil are all rich in GLA. Of these, only Spirulina provides GLA in a whole food form, a form the body can efficiently use.


• Helps fight Candida
• If you have an autoimmune disease such as Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lupus or fibromyalgia, chronic candida yeast can both cause and worsen your symptoms. Spirulina has been shown to encourage and support the growth of healthy bacterial flora in your gut,5 which can help keep candida overgrowth under control.
• Balances blood pressure
• Help to normalize cholesterol naturally

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